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Filming at Budweiser's Made In America Festival - Labor Day Weekend

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to capture some interviews for a client during the 5th annual Budweiser Made in America Music Festival which featured top billed acts like Rihanna and Coldplay.

I hit the field with a packed DSLR line up consisting of a Canon 5D, Steadicam, On-board Rode Mic, Zoom H4N, a field mixer and some Sony lavs.

Per client request, we were asked to produce content that had a user generated feel minus the often poor audio recorded from handheld devices. We had two days to complete our shot list and decided that the first would be spent with a tent station set up that included several recruiters for the interviews.

With content focused on literacy, we found several enthusiastic subjects that were more than willing to discuss their passion for reading. I tried to utilize the Steadicam and zoom lens to create a reality tv/home recorder look by softly swaying and occasionally racking focus.

On the second day, we thought it was best to go mobile with the H4N recorder and believe it or not, just a cellphone. Still recording in 1080p, we captured interviews and b-roll of subjects in the same medium as it would premiere in.

I still find it ironic that after years of trying to development affordable technology that produces top notch quality, our social media platforms have reduced this emphasis and focused more on content and "all access" type media. Just another sign that the market is inevitably unpredictable.

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